Important communication from the Bonfire Games team

We have decided to stop the campaign we started on Kickstarter to support the development of DemLoc.

We are fully aware that we have not scratched the ambitious goal we set ourselves to create our game. The road to producing DemLoc is arduous and long; we were aware of this before and are even more certain of it now.

At this time we would like to thank all those people who have visited our page, who have commented or who have written to us privately to give us advice and suggestions, as well as all the people who have supported us so far.

But DemLoc does not stop.

There is now a moment of rethinking the project, which will allow us to come back more energized than before with new ideas that are the result of important thinking.

We have always carried the project forward with passion, perseverance and professionalism; we are confident that we will be able to come back with the right adjustments.

We thank you again for the affection you have shown us in these months, and which you are still showing us, we are grateful for your advice and for all the support you give us and will continue to give us.

The journey continues

See you soon for the next updates

Alberto and the entire DemLoc team


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