DemLoc is a skirmish board game of combat and conquest.


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When you are seriously injured in a fight, the only hope to survive is to be treated by the expert hands of a Surgeon.

Opinions on these people dedicated to surgical operations of all kinds, are mixed. Some consider them to be scholars of human anatomy, able to save lives close to death, even through bloody and extremely painful practices. Others consider these individuals as nothing more than depraved sadists, passionate about the amputation of limbs and the removal of organs for the purpose of collecting them or perhaps for cannibalism aims.

It is likely that the truth lies somewhere in between: the Surgeons are people whose entire life has been dedicated to the study of medical art, refining surgical and, at times, healing techniques, in order to develop correct manual skills in severing muscles and sawing bones with the aim of avoiding the premature death of their patients; however, they appropriate the leftovers for reasons that is better not know.

In any case, the dubious hygienic conditions of DemLoc do not give certainty in the recovery of those who have suffered an amputation and often the activity of the Surgeon simply postpones the inevitable death of the victim for a few hours or days.

People tell of having seen them wandering on the battlefields using cleaver or hacksaw, in order to recover human parts to be studied calmly in their squalid laboratories, which are often multi-functional environments transformed if necessary in operating theaters, bedrooms and kitchens for the Surgeon himself.

Others have described rooms with chains and butcher hooks fixed to the ceilings with limbs and putrid carcasses of men and women hanging there. Many of the patients lose consciousness due to the repellent smell of death of these places.

Whether they are legends or not, it is a fact that an experienced Surgeon can support a Guild Master in different ways to restore strength and save many of his mercenaries injured during the fights.

The Surgeons simply require some feuds for their services and need to take with them the death bodies of those who do not survive their brutal operations.  


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