The outcasts of the Empire commonly live in DemLoc, the outcasts of DemLoc commonly live in the Slum area: these mercenaries are known as the Miserables.

However, do not be fooled either by their name or by their unstable situation. There is nothing more dangerous than an individual who has nothing to lose and is therefore ready to do anything to survive.

Cutthroat men, rapists, murderers and thugs populate the narrow and putrid streets of the Slums.

These mercenaries are desperate men, without ideals, without rules and without control.

Among the Miserables there are also the marginalized and the waste of the other areas of the city. This means that among the exponents of this group there are warriors, shooters or experts in the arcane arts.

In fact, all mercenaries who have committed particularly reprehensible actions or who have been removed from their Guild have a single chance to survive if they do not want to be thrown into the dark jaws of Loch: descending into the deepest and most dangerous district of the city and there dealing with the terrible and degrading life of that horrible place.

The City Guards rarely go to the Slums thus total anarchy and madness spread among its streets.

Food is scarce and what little you can find is stale, rancid or moldy.

The air is made unbreathable by the Loch, the gigantic and dark chasm from which sulphurous miasmas and the intense smell of rotting carcasses come out.

Surely being able to survive in these circumstances makes the mercenaries living in this area extremely smart, determined and utterly dangerous.

The Miserables, while not excelling in any specific fighting technique, are extremely adaptable and balanced multi-role fighters. A Guild that has Miserables among its members will be able to count on their unpredictability and their versatility on the battlefield.


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