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Hunting Mastiff

These ravenous and ferocious beasts are used to hunt down and kill the most dangerous preys that roam the woods of the Hunting Reserve.

These mastiffs are crossbred of the native wolves of the Hunting Reserve and the mighty dogs usually used during the battles of the mercenary armies of the Empire.

Hunting mastiffs are mighty and extremely aggressive creatures. Huge in size, these animals can quickly tear a boar apart.

Their characteristic collar made of ropes, wooden planks and rusty nails, is specially designed to cause pain to every movement of the animal making it furious and aggressive.

It is not unusual for these beasts to devour their masters without much hesitation in moments of particular frenzy
Facing a Hunting mastiff in a fight can be difficult even for the most experienced fighters due to the ferocity and destructive force of these terrible animals.


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