DemLoc is a skirmish board game of combat and conquest.


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For the Guild Masters the Dignitary is a member of the most ancient and noble families of DemLoc, the so-called Ancestors.

Generally a Dignitary is a member of the highest, richest and most powerful social class of the city, without a specific definition of the house or family he belongs to.

Even if they try to avoid any possible direct contact with the Guild Masters and their Guilds as they do not have a noble origin, Dignitaries are some of the most frequent client of the Guilds, assigning them some of the most dangerous and unpleasant tasks they would not ever assign to their important City Guard.

Guilds carry on the unpleasant tasks on behalf of the Dignitaries in exchange for fair amounts of feods, used to buy weapons, equipments or to improve the Guild itself.

It is common for the Dignitaries to use the Guilds to settle disputes between members of rival families or between relatives of the same family. In those occasions, the Guilds fight to settle the disputes or the mercenaries will personally kill another Dignitary, member of a rival family on behalf of their noble client.

Dignitaries use Guilds’ most important members as bodyguards if they have to move in dangerous parts of the city under the control of rival families. They think mercenaries showing the most famous ensigns of the city is a way to keep malicious people away.

Masters frequently have to ask noble families for loans or favors in order to carry on their illegal activities. In those occasions, Dignitaries are used to organize fighting days in the city arena, where they can bet on deadly fights between different Guilds which have to fight in order to pay for their debts.

Dignitaries are mean people, born in unbridled wealth and idleness living in the most ancient and rich palaces of the city. They always want to show their power and keep every citizen of DemLoc under their strong control.


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