Thematic Insights

Arcane Codes - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter

Arcane codes

The dark daemons are used to talk to the human beings they consider being most deserving by transmitting them part of their unlimited knowledge. Obviously the daemons leave nothing to chance and do nothing without being sure of having what they want in return: obtaining information and teachings the price to pay is very high.…

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Kabbalahs - Demloc board game - Kickstarter 2021


The daemons, long studied and worshiped by the sorcerers, over the centuries have been classified and divided by class of power and by the amount of arcane knowledge they can give to the chosen ones. According to this first classification, a real daemonic hierarchy has been drawn up. Lower categories of daemons are the Barons…

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Weapons -DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021


A Guild that has powerful and feared mercenaries in its ranks cannot be considered dangerous if it cannot provide them with the best weapons. The armory of each Guild is where all the weapons purchased by the Guild Master are stored and where the mercenaries go to equip themselves before each mission. Weapons are divided…

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Missions - DemLoc Board Game Kickstarter 2021


In an intricate and chaotic city like DemLoc it is difficult to understand immediately what are the real interests of the Guild Masters: certainly at the base of what they do there is the intention to enrich themselves and acquire notoriety. But not only. The Guild Masters put their mercenaries at the disposal of those…

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Relevant Spots - DemLoc Board Game

Relevant Spots

The intricate structure of DemLoc is full with dilapidated and poor buildings housing desperate citizens and fugitives. In the city there are many sumptuous palaces of the Ancestors, many huge and majestic buildings where the headquarters of the Guilds are located. However, the real interest of the Guild Masters is for the so-called relevant spots.…

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Struttura di una Gilda - DemLoc - board game - gioco da tavolo -Kickstarter

The structure of the Guild

No matter if they are located in a dark forest in the Hunting Reserve or in a dirty and smelling alley of the Slums, Guilds Headquarters in DemLoc have the same structure. The internal structure of a Guild has a variety of rooms the mercenaries can use. Here is a brief description of them. Dormitory…

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Guilds - DemLoc Board Kickstarter 2021

More about the Guild

After its fall, the city of Loch lived many years of abandon and decay. While the world all around it was torn apart by the war and was falling in the abyss of violence, in the different areas of the city there was an unreal calm atmosphere. A few people survived after the night of…

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