Tales from DemLoc

Pit of the Wolves - Demloc board game - Kickstarter 2022

The Wolves’ Pit

Podcast: So it had been decided. The Guild of the Wolves of Kran would pay its debt to a powerful DemLoc family by risking the lives of its best combatants in a fight to the death in the Arena. At DemLoc, the Arena was a highly democratic place: depending on the size of the debt,…

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Alyth - Demloc Board game - Kickstarter


Podcast: An Orphanage, Slums AreaYear 224 since Loch Downfall The girl, called Alith, was running desperately in the alley along the orphanage from which she had just escaped for the umpteenth time.Her hands were still stained with Peter’s blood, another orphan, whom she had brutally stabbed in the throat with a sharp terracotta shard. Alith…

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The cage - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter

The cage

Podcast: Klunt was hiding in a dark alley of the Fort.  It was now several hours since, slipping between crates of supplies on top of a hoist, he entered into the area. His Guild Master, Lord Trevis, had given him a very important task and Klunt could not risk to be discovered. Lord Trevis was…

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Willorin - DemLoc Board game - Kickstarter 2021


Podcast: ———— External access door to Loch Year 196 since the founding of the city A heavy pouring rain made the path on the steep slope of the mountain slippery. Inside the mountain there was the city known throughout the Empire as Loch. In that dark and cold autumn afternoon, the few guards guarding the…

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The Fall of Loch - DemLoc - Board game - Kickstarter 2021

The fall of Loch

Podcast: I don’t think I have much time left to spend on this devastated land where I lived my miserable existence.I feel that life is slowly abandoning my weary body and soon I will be able to reach the Lord and the saints I have always served since I was born. What I lived tonight…

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Adeloth - Demloc Board game - Kickstarter


Podcast: Woods close to the outer entrance door of Dämonen Loch Year 254 since Loch Downfall At the sunset of a very gloomy autumn day, from the darkness of the wood surrounding the remote village on the mountains, a creature appeared. In a silent atmosphere, the inhabitants of Dämonen Loch saw a man riding his…

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Vision - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021


Podcast: I was roaming without a precise destination through woods where I had been walking for some weeks.The soft and feeble light of the full moon was hitting the dense forest vegetation, thus making the path in front of me still visible and walkable. A thin and ghostly mist rose from the ground; it seemed…

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Lorrin - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021


Podcast: An indefinite location in the woods of the Eastern EmpireYear 250 since Loch Downfall. “You have only one chance to save yourself, my friend. And you have to run faster than the wind”. That man, called Lorrin, sniggered with a blunderbuss in his hand. He was lightly blowing at a smoky wick used to…

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The Story of Demloc - Board game coming soon on Kikstarter

The story of DemLoc

Podcast: Dämonenloch or Hole of the Daemon is the name of a village built inside a deep and gigantic dip on the top of a mountain.  This name refers to the horrendous hole where all kinds of filthy and terrible beasts come out from, the orifice of the hot and deep hell. Before being called…

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