Miserables - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2022


The outcasts of the Empire commonly live in DemLoc, the outcasts of DemLoc commonly live in the Slum area: these mercenaries are known as the Miserables. However, do not be fooled either by their name or by their unstable situation. There is nothing more dangerous than an individual who has nothing to lose and is…

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Daemons - DemLoc Kickstarter Board Game


There are many believers in the official Holy Worship, people who have never doubted that things can go on beyond the borders of the Empire and beyond the words of its priests. But the reality they live in is not the only one of the possible realities and the possible worlds; the entire universe is…

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Sorcereres - Demloc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021


In the area of the Arcana Tower, between the old towers and the narrow streets surrounded by the mist, a type of mercenaries with absolutely unique characteristics live: the Sorcerers. Always hunted down, imprisoned, tortured and brutally executed by the courts of the official Worship of the Empire, the Sorcerers keep a deep and visceral…

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Belligerent - DemLoc Board Game


The Belligerents are a large and varied group of mercenaries who settled mainly in the Fort area. The name of this category of combatants comes from their known war skills and abilities. In fact, these men and women of DemLoc have a great bloodlust. The Belligerents are ruthless raiders, skilled in all forms of direct…

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Hunters - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021


Those mercenaries who settled in DemLoc’s area Hunting Reserve are generally called hunters. They are groups of good combatants made up of former army shooters serving as archers, crossbowmen or arquebusiers but also poachers from the most remote lands of the Empire. They adapted to the life in the Hunting Reserve and abandoned the large…

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