Slums - DemLoc Board game - Kickstarter 2022


Slum is actually not even the real name by which this area is called; it is rather an adjective, and a fact. It does not even have a name and everyone is okay with simply pointing it out like this, without anyone being confused. In this area, which occupies the deepest semicircle in the third…

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Arcane Tower - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021

Arcane Tower

The Arcane Tower area is certainly the most dark and mysterious area of the entire city. The Arcane Tower itself, from which the area’s name come from, was originally built in the Market Area and housed alchemists and astronomers. Around the huge main structure, dozens of secondary towers and pinnacles were built, making the whole…

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Fort DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021


Just below the Hunting Reserve, on the opposite side of the large crater, the solid structures of the Fort area are located. The area owes its name to the ancient fortress that dominated the entire city, whose remains are a vague reminder of the ancient glories described in the chronicles of the past. In the…

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Hunting Reserve - DemLoc Board Game - Kicksterter

Hunting Reserve

This area is surrounded by high walls corroded by the weather and it is located in one of the highest part of the city, the one more exposed to sunlight. That is the reason why over the time a flourishing vegetation covered the area, with many different species of trees and shrubs. Originally in this…

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The city of DemLoc - A board game by Bonfire Games - November 2021 Kickstarter

The city of DemLoc

Located in an ancient funnel-shaped volcanic crater, the city of DemLoc is divided into 5 areas on 3 different layers, Each layer stretches into huge rock ledges where the buildings of the different areas were built on.  Each layer is divided by huge, smooth and steep rocky walls, over 800 feet high.  From the highest…

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