Hunting Reserve

This area is surrounded by high walls corroded by the weather and it is located in one of the highest part of the city, the one more exposed to sunlight.

That is the reason why over the time a flourishing vegetation covered the area, with many different species of trees and shrubs.

Originally in this part of the city the nobles spent their time in hunting trips. In this area surrounded by high walls, many rare and exotic animal species were introduced.

After Loch’s downfall for many years the area was uninhabited, and gardens and groves were abandoned, resulting in the vegetation spreading all around. Ancient palaces were little by little covered by ivy and brambles.

The new inhabitants started building there their houses with wood and stones taken from the walls around the ancient hunting reserve.

Legends narrate that during the chilling night when Loch fell, some daemons entered into the Hunting reserve and using ancient arts they crossbred different animals and beasts, creating horrible and monstrous creatures. 

Due to these legends and to the roaring and howling heard in the inner part of the wood, only a few people were brave enough to enter in the Hunting reserve.

Thanks to the wide area, people could easily live in little villages surrounded by palisades and in fortified houses surrounded by high stone walls. 

The most powerful Guild Masters are proud of the huge stuffed beasts or horns and heads of bizarre animals decorating the walls of their palaces.  In the taverns of this area, mercenaries usually boast and tell stories about mysterious and horrible creatures met in the forests outside the ancient walls of the Hunting reserve.

The inhabitants of this area are expert hunters, specialized in traps construction and in using ranged weapons. In the last decades, mercenaries introduced gunpowder weapons in the area. The blacksmiths in the Hunting reserve are expert artisans who constantly tries to improve the mechanisms of these new and lethal weapons, despite the poor tools available.


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