A skirmish app driven board game of combat and conquest, where mercenaries commanded by Guild Masters clash in an epic battle for gold and fame


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DemLoc Board Game - Bonfire Games - Kickstarter 2021


A skirmish app driven board game of combat and conquest, where mercenaries commanded by Guild Masters clash in an epic battle for gold and fame


Soon on Kickstarter

DemLoc Board Game - Bonfire Games - Kickstarter 2021


DemLoc is a challenging skirmish game for 2 to 4 players. The game is set in the city of Damonenloch where Guilds, organized groups of mercenaries managed by the players, have to fight to gain supremacy over the others by acquiring gold, fame and control over different areas of the city.

2 - 4 players

+ 14 years old

60 - 90 min.

App Demloc Board Game - Translations in every language



Daemon miniature demloc board game 3d sculpture


Cards -Demloc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021



Challenging skirmish game
for 2 to 4 players


In each game the players have to take on one mission or more fighting against the Guilds of the other players


The game comes with an app which continuously interacts with the player and keeps records of the games played.


Game and campaign in which the results of each game affect the players' Guild and their playing style


DemLoc has deep roots and is born from a great friendship and passion for board games.

Over the years we have refined our idea and created a close working group allowing us to present our project to you in a professional way.

Alberto Ricossa - game designer - chief bonfire games - Demloc Board Game

Alberto Ricossa
Game Designer
Chief "Bonfire Games"

Davide Boccardo - game designer - chief bonfire games - Demloc Board Game

Davide Boccardo
Game Designer
Chief "Bonfire Games"

Logo Bonfire Games - Alberto Ricossa, Davide Boccardo
Germano Garau - Illustrator - Demloc Board Game

Germano Garau

Lorenzo Tamberi - illustrator Demloc board game

Lorenzo Tamberi

Francesca Bellini - Graphic Designer - Demloc Board Game

Francesca Bellini
Graphic Designer

Massimiliano Richiero - Sculptor - Demloc Board Game

Massimiliano Richiero

Alessandro Depaoli - 3d Sculptor - Demloc Board Game

Alessandro Depaoli
3d Sculptor

Alberto Acquaviva - 3d Artist - Demloc Board Game

Alberto Acquaviva
3d Sculptor

Maurizio Brandolini - Web & Graphic Designer - Demloc Board Game

Maurizio Brandolini
Web & Graphic Designer

Patrizia Soffiati - copy & strategist - Demloc Board Game

Patrizia Soffiati
SMM & Digital Strategist

Giulia toselli - social media manager - Demloc Board game

Giulia Toselli
Social Media Manager

Adriano Viviani - Mobile App Developer - Demloc Board Game

Adriano Viviani
Mobile App Developer

Alberto Marengo - Mobile App Developer - Demloc Board Game

Alberto Marengo
Mobile App Developer

Diego Prot - Prototype Developer - Demloc Board Game

Diego Prot
Prototype Developer

Piero - Prototype Developer - Demloc Board Game

Piero Milani
Prototype Developer

Elisa De Boni - Translator - Demloc Board game

Elisa De Boni

Elisa Latini - Illustrator - Demloc Board Game

Elisa Latini

Luca Ghignone - Italian Podcast Voice - Demloc Board Game

Luca Ghignone
Italian Podcast Voice

Laurence Chambers - English Podcast Voice - Demloc Board Game

Laurence Chambers
English Podcast Voice

Demloc Board Game Characters
Demloc Board Game Characters
Demloc board game logo

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In these months that separate us from the campaign on kickstarter we will explain in detail the components of our game and the mechanics that characterize it. As the weeks go by, we’ll get you more and more involved in the mysterious and dark story of DemLoc.

Pit of the Wolves - Demloc board game - Kickstarter 2022

The Wolves’ Pit

Podcast: So it had been decided. The Guild of the Wolves of Kran would pay its debt to a powerful DemLoc family by risking the lives of its best combatants in a fight to the death in the Arena. At DemLoc, the Arena was a highly democratic place: depending on the size of the debt,…

Surgeon - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2022


When you are seriously injured in a fight, the only hope to survive is to be treated by the expert hands of a Surgeon. Opinions on these people dedicated to surgical operations of all kinds, are mixed. Some consider them to be scholars of human anatomy, able to save lives close to death, even through…

Alyth - Demloc Board game - Kickstarter


Podcast: An Orphanage, Slums AreaYear 224 since Loch Downfall The girl, called Alith, was running desperately in the alley along the orphanage from which she had just escaped for the umpteenth time.Her hands were still stained with Peter’s blood, another orphan, whom she had brutally stabbed in the throat with a sharp terracotta shard. Alith…

Miserables - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2022


The outcasts of the Empire commonly live in DemLoc, the outcasts of DemLoc commonly live in the Slum area: these mercenaries are known as the Miserables. However, do not be fooled either by their name or by their unstable situation. There is nothing more dangerous than an individual who has nothing to lose and is…

Slums - DemLoc Board game - Kickstarter 2022


Slum is actually not even the real name by which this area is called; it is rather an adjective, and a fact. It does not even have a name and everyone is okay with simply pointing it out like this, without anyone being confused. In this area, which occupies the deepest semicircle in the third…

The cage - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter

The cage

Podcast: Klunt was hiding in a dark alley of the Fort.  It was now several hours since, slipping between crates of supplies on top of a hoist, he entered into the area. His Guild Master, Lord Trevis, had given him a very important task and Klunt could not risk to be discovered. Lord Trevis was…

Daemons - DemLoc Kickstarter Board Game


There are many believers in the official Holy Worship, people who have never doubted that things can go on beyond the borders of the Empire and beyond the words of its priests. But the reality they live in is not the only one of the possible realities and the possible worlds; the entire universe is…

Arcane Codes - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter

Arcane codes

The dark daemons are used to talk to the human beings they consider being most deserving by transmitting them part of their unlimited knowledge. Obviously the daemons leave nothing to chance and do nothing without being sure of having what they want in return: obtaining information and teachings the price to pay is very high.…

Willorin - DemLoc Board game - Kickstarter 2021


Podcast: ———— External access door to Loch Year 196 since the founding of the city A heavy pouring rain made the path on the steep slope of the mountain slippery. Inside the mountain there was the city known throughout the Empire as Loch. In that dark and cold autumn afternoon, the few guards guarding the…

Sorcereres - Demloc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021


In the area of the Arcana Tower, between the old towers and the narrow streets surrounded by the mist, a type of mercenaries with absolutely unique characteristics live: the Sorcerers. Always hunted down, imprisoned, tortured and brutally executed by the courts of the official Worship of the Empire, the Sorcerers keep a deep and visceral…

Kabbalahs - Demloc board game - Kickstarter 2021


The daemons, long studied and worshiped by the sorcerers, over the centuries have been classified and divided by class of power and by the amount of arcane knowledge they can give to the chosen ones. According to this first classification, a real daemonic hierarchy has been drawn up. Lower categories of daemons are the Barons…

Arcane Tower - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021

Arcane Tower

The Arcane Tower area is certainly the most dark and mysterious area of the entire city. The Arcane Tower itself, from which the area’s name come from, was originally built in the Market Area and housed alchemists and astronomers. Around the huge main structure, dozens of secondary towers and pinnacles were built, making the whole…

The Fall of Loch - DemLoc - Board game - Kickstarter 2021

The fall of Loch

Podcast: I don’t think I have much time left to spend on this devastated land where I lived my miserable existence.I feel that life is slowly abandoning my weary body and soon I will be able to reach the Lord and the saints I have always served since I was born. What I lived tonight…

Weapons -DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021


A Guild that has powerful and feared mercenaries in its ranks cannot be considered dangerous if it cannot provide them with the best weapons. The armory of each Guild is where all the weapons purchased by the Guild Master are stored and where the mercenaries go to equip themselves before each mission. Weapons are divided…

Adeloth - Demloc Board game - Kickstarter


Podcast: Woods close to the outer entrance door of Dämonen Loch Year 254 since Loch Downfall At the sunset of a very gloomy autumn day, from the darkness of the wood surrounding the remote village on the mountains, a creature appeared. In a silent atmosphere, the inhabitants of Dämonen Loch saw a man riding his…

Belligerent - DemLoc Board Game


The Belligerents are a large and varied group of mercenaries who settled mainly in the Fort area. The name of this category of combatants comes from their known war skills and abilities. In fact, these men and women of DemLoc have a great bloodlust. The Belligerents are ruthless raiders, skilled in all forms of direct…

Fort DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021


Just below the Hunting Reserve, on the opposite side of the large crater, the solid structures of the Fort area are located. The area owes its name to the ancient fortress that dominated the entire city, whose remains are a vague reminder of the ancient glories described in the chronicles of the past. In the…

Vision - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021


Podcast: I was roaming without a precise destination through woods where I had been walking for some weeks.The soft and feeble light of the full moon was hitting the dense forest vegetation, thus making the path in front of me still visible and walkable. A thin and ghostly mist rose from the ground; it seemed…

Hunting Mastiff - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021

Hunting Mastiff

These ravenous and ferocious beasts are used to hunt down and kill the most dangerous preys that roam the woods of the Hunting Reserve. These mastiffs are crossbred of the native wolves of the Hunting Reserve and the mighty dogs usually used during the battles of the mercenary armies of the Empire. Hunting mastiffs are…

Lorrin - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021


Podcast: An indefinite location in the woods of the Eastern EmpireYear 250 since Loch Downfall. “You have only one chance to save yourself, my friend. And you have to run faster than the wind”. That man, called Lorrin, sniggered with a blunderbuss in his hand. He was lightly blowing at a smoky wick used to…

Hunters - DemLoc Board Game - Kickstarter 2021


Those mercenaries who settled in DemLoc’s area Hunting Reserve are generally called hunters. They are groups of good combatants made up of former army shooters serving as archers, crossbowmen or arquebusiers but also poachers from the most remote lands of the Empire. They adapted to the life in the Hunting Reserve and abandoned the large…

Hunting Reserve - DemLoc Board Game - Kicksterter

Hunting Reserve

This area is surrounded by high walls corroded by the weather and it is located in one of the highest part of the city, the one more exposed to sunlight. That is the reason why over the time a flourishing vegetation covered the area, with many different species of trees and shrubs. Originally in this…

Dignitary - DemLoc Board game - Kickstarter 2021


For the Guild Masters the Dignitary is a member of the most ancient and noble families of DemLoc, the so-called Ancestors. Generally a Dignitary is a member of the highest, richest and most powerful social class of the city, without a specific definition of the house or family he belongs to. Even if they try…

Missions - DemLoc Board Game Kickstarter 2021


In an intricate and chaotic city like DemLoc it is difficult to understand immediately what are the real interests of the Guild Masters: certainly at the base of what they do there is the intention to enrich themselves and acquire notoriety. But not only. The Guild Masters put their mercenaries at the disposal of those…

Relevant Spots - DemLoc Board Game

Relevant Spots

The intricate structure of DemLoc is full with dilapidated and poor buildings housing desperate citizens and fugitives. In the city there are many sumptuous palaces of the Ancestors, many huge and majestic buildings where the headquarters of the Guilds are located. However, the real interest of the Guild Masters is for the so-called relevant spots.…

City Guard - DemLoc Board Game - Character - november 2021 Kickstarter

City Guard

The City Guard is the army of DemLoc which has to patrol the streets, keep order, control the city entrances and regulate accesses to the main hoists, needed to move from one city layer to another. Members of the City Guard comes from orphanages and poor families living in the outskirts of DemLoc. Novices have…

Struttura di una Gilda - DemLoc - board game - gioco da tavolo -Kickstarter

The structure of the Guild

No matter if they are located in a dark forest in the Hunting Reserve or in a dirty and smelling alley of the Slums, Guilds Headquarters in DemLoc have the same structure. The internal structure of a Guild has a variety of rooms the mercenaries can use. Here is a brief description of them. Dormitory…

Guilds - DemLoc Board Kickstarter 2021

More about the Guild

After its fall, the city of Loch lived many years of abandon and decay. While the world all around it was torn apart by the war and was falling in the abyss of violence, in the different areas of the city there was an unreal calm atmosphere. A few people survived after the night of…

The city of DemLoc - A board game by Bonfire Games - November 2021 Kickstarter

The city of DemLoc

Located in an ancient funnel-shaped volcanic crater, the city of DemLoc is divided into 5 areas on 3 different layers, Each layer stretches into huge rock ledges where the buildings of the different areas were built on.  Each layer is divided by huge, smooth and steep rocky walls, over 800 feet high.  From the highest…

The Story of Demloc - Board game coming soon on Kikstarter

The story of DemLoc

Podcast: Dämonenloch or Hole of the Daemon is the name of a village built inside a deep and gigantic dip on the top of a mountain.  This name refers to the horrendous hole where all kinds of filthy and terrible beasts come out from, the orifice of the hot and deep hell. Before being called…